Universidade de Coimbra World Heritage

Universidade de Coimbra, Alta e Sofia World Heritage
Logo Competition

Desgined with
Miguel Palmeiro
at Miguel Palmeiro

“To include the University of Coimbra among the sites classified by UNESCO as World Heritage aims not only, or even mainly, to enhance the brightness of an unforgettable journey through the past. It has also a very strong sense of future: the asset to prevent aggression and dispersion of a collective memory.”
Prof. Dr. Fernando Seabra Santos, President of the University of Coimbra

Considering the words of Prof. Dr. Fernando Seabra Santos, preserving the current brand was for us the starting point. Not only because its maintenance through time – past, present and future – was a model to unify the identity of the UC itself, but also, so that in the future this new brand can easily associate UC Institution to UC World Heritage, contributing to the preservation of its legacy, inseparable from UC.
For the identity idealisation process it was held a deconstruction of the insignia/logo’s symbols. To optimize the logo’s performance in various scales, colours and media application, the symbols were reduced and simplified.