Festival Musicas do Mundo

FMM Sines 2012
Sines, Portugal
World Music Festival

miguel palmeiro design

emidio cardeira
miguel palmeiro

Sines (Portugal), organizes, since 1999, the World MusicFestival with the aim to disseminate and promote inter-cultural diversity and various musical expressions not normally covered by the “mainstream”music industry.

The meeting in one place of innumerous musical andaesthetic forms gives the FMM Sines a unique, unrepeatable and timeless spirit.

By simplifying the form and exploring its capabilities in the communication role, we chose a graphical representation of the world map as the concept to construct the visual identity of the festival.

In the exercise of summarizing its graphic representation, the planet is transformed and simplified by adopting color values that inform and distinguish our continents, resulting in the identification of the origins of various musical styles.

From this summarized representation of the world it was developed a matrix, symbolizing the cultural mixture of the festival, which will be the used as the basis for the entire visual identity of the festival.